Construction Site Security

Use real time, Live video surveillance to Prevent property damage, equipment theft, and injury liability from unauthorized access.

Residential Security

Protect the security of your tenants and apartment complex as well as increase the value of your property by providing 24/7 live CCTV monitoring.

Remote Doorman and Concierge

Provide the same services of a conventional doorman at a fraction of the cost. Remotely control visitor access, accept deliveries, handle requests And manage the main doors and lobby.


Warehouse and Storage Space

A prime target for theft, warehouses and storage space are Hard to secure with traditional security guards. Our live cctv monitoring will provide Optimal security for the entire perimeter.

Already have cameras? Make sure it’s being watched! Our team of technicians can connect your existing cameras to our high tech monitoring system.


We Are Monitex Security

Based in New York, Monitex Security operates worldwide, delivering proactive Live CCTV security monitoring solutions. We use state of the art technology that is optimized to recognize suspicious activity, point out intrusions, and stop theft before it can happen by warning perpetrators through the cameras, as well as informing appropriate law enforcement teams. Our security solutions provide more optimal and affordable ways of boosting security, reducing your security costs by as much as 60-70%.



Jacob Weiss

Great Customer service and response time. I thought we couldn’t afford better Security until we discovered Monitex.

Joe W
Gold Standard Management

With 5 Live Cameras and 2 arrests, our tenants no longer need to worry about trespassers. They feel secure knowing that Monitex is always watching. Thank you!

Howard T.
KTR Construction

Not a single piece of equipment missing since the cameras were installed! Thank you Monitex for the piece of mind!

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