Banks & ATMs


Securing Assets for Trusted Transactions

Security is paramount for every financial institution, regardless of size. In the dynamic landscape of financial services, ensuring the safety of both assets and clients is non-negotiable. While larger banks may have established security systems, smaller banks and financial institutions face unique challenges.

A constant flow of clients, ATMs open 24/7, and the high risk factor that comes with banking make traditional security measures fall short. A security guard at the entrance isn’t enough to cover the intricate security needs of a bank. 

How can you secure your assets and customers with a cost-efficient, reliable security presence that will prevent crime and assure staff and client safety?

The solution: 24/7 Remote Monitoring


With every angle covered by our cameras, we prevent break-ins, robbery, and ATM theft. We also install loudspeakers around your property, using them to deter prospective criminals when suspicious activity is noticed.


At a fraction of the price of employing security guards, remote video surveillance is budget-friendly, no matter the size of your enterprise.


Beyond typical security scenarios, our virtual surveillance also provides a deterrent for internal theft, recorded video playback for later reference and insight into employee productivity.

No Downtime

With shifts of highly trained virtual guards observing the screens every minute of the day, your bank is never exposed. Day or night, any time of year, every inch is under our watchful eyes.

Don’t leave your ATMs exposed

A dark night, unsuspecting passersby and a machine full of cash; what better target could there be for theft? 

With 24/7 real time surveillance, our remote security systems are the ideal solution to protect your ATMs and their users from robbery.

Monitex prevents ATM theft with strategically positioned surveillance cameras and effective intervention strategies.

Simple Set-up

Getting started with Monitex security can be a matter of a  few hours, and never more than a few days.



Our team analyzes your banking premises and any existing security measures, giving you a custom quote for a strong surveillance plan.



Our technicians install speakers, connect your cameras and configure them to integrate with our state-of-the-art system.



Streaming continuous live footage from your bank, our remote guards watch out for threats and suspicious activity, reacting swiftly if anything is noticed.



They’ll issue warnings via loudspeaker, dispatch law enforcement where necessary and communicate closely with the police department to apprehend the criminals efficiently.



You’re free to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that under the watchful eyes of our skilled team, your property is safe from damage or theft.

Get reliable, affordable security for your banks.