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The Monitex service experience gives each client the feeling that they are our only one. Our staff takes the time to learn the nuances that go into securing your business, listening to your feedback and doing whatever it takes to ensure you are more than satisfied.

Benefit from:

Always on the safe side

Our multi-level failsafe system guarantees crime prevention and protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Live Camera Feed

streams from your CCTV cameras to our system.

Trained Guards + AI

monitor your property remotely at all times.

Second Tier Managers

oversee guards to double-check that nothing is missed.

Audio Deterrence

is employed if a threat is spotted.

Police Intervention

is called for if threats

Real-time Collaboration

between our team and the PD ensures the intruder is caught quickly.

Incident Reports

give you all the details about what happened.

Video Playback

provides real-time testimony for prosecution.

How it works

Artificial intelligence
+ human insight

AI is effective at detecting unusual movement and potential threats. But it’s not foolproof. At Monitex, AI is a tool we utilize but never rely on. Combining artificial and human intelligence, we offer you the ideal formula to guarantee the safety of your property.

Our Reviews

What Clients Say About Monitex

I had a break-in in one of my buildings. Within an hour, Monitex was there with security and the next morning they were there putting cameras. I started using them in all my buildings. I’m very happy with the wonderful service and they’re great people to work with. Highly recommend it.

Yaakov Bloom

I recently hired Monitex to help secure a building we are busy constructing. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a professional manner and we reviewed what I needed and how they could help. Motti was a great rep and still reaches out to ensure we are happy and if there are any concerns.

Alon Asefovitz

Huge kudos to the Monitex team! Their live monitoring is a game-changer, providing round-the-clock protection. Customer service is top-notch; they’re always ready to assist. They've even nabbed troublemakers with their watchful eyes! The best part? It's cost-effective, saving us money compared to other security options. Grateful for the peace of mind live monitoring brings!

Shlomo Churba

Monitex Security is the best decision if you are looking for unparalleled peace of mind. Their team goes above and beyond, not just securing your premises but instilling a sense of trust with their expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care. Highly recommend them for businesses seeking reliable security solutions.

Rivky Liberow


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