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Virtual Access Control

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Securing property, simplifying management

Monitex systems are the perfect solution for any property owner. Integrating comprehensive surveillance and access control, our remote monitoring services give you full oversight of your property and everything that goes on in and around it.

Comprehensive, reliable and effective

Securing your property is straightforward when you partner with Monitex. Our advanced access control ensures that no one enters the building without authorization. Each visitor or delivery person is then carefully monitored throughout the premises until they leave, allowing no opportunity for harm from outsiders.

We know that internal issues can be just as difficult to deal with. But with Monitex on your team, you can relax. 

Whether it’s someone stuck in the elevator  or noisy company hanging out in hallways, our detailed surveillance and effective intervention strategies will sort it out.

How we intervene:

Watch how it works

Access Control

Oversee Common Areas

Package Handling

Located in NY, NJ or PA?

While we provide remote security services across the country, clients in NJ, NY and PA benefit from our premium security services, including close personal relationships with the police department and our own local security teams.

Having trouble with
issues like these?

Remote video
surveillance solves
all that and more.


Hear other property owners share their satisfaction

As the president of the South Street condo board I’m continuously impressed with the comprehensive support which is available day and night, as well as Sam’s personal touch and care. Thank you.

Joel Lowy

Incredible service. My building uses Monitex’s virtual doorman and I have had a couple of issues with missing packages. In two instances in the past week, two different delivery services claimed to have delivered a package. In both cases, the Monitex security team was able to review access logs and security footage for the respective dates and times, which showed that neither of the packages had been delivered. #1 in security, service, and prices.

Joseph Linder

Monitex Security is simply awesome at keeping your place safe and your packages out of the wrong hands! We recently installed their security system, and it's been a game-changer. They've got all the cool tech and a super sharp team to make sure your building is like a fortress. You can finally relax knowing they've got your back. What's even cooler is how they tackle package theft. They're like package bodyguards! Thieves don't stand a chance with Monitex Security on the watch. And if someone does try to snatch your stuff, these guys don't mess around. They'll track 'em down and get your packages back. In a world where package theft is way too common, Monitex Security is the hero we need. They've got my trust and a big thumbs up for their top-notch service.

Yanky Tabak

Simple Set-up

Getting started with Monitex security can be a matter of a  few hours, and never more than a few days.



Our team analyzes your property and any existing security measures, giving you a custom quote for a strong surveillance plan.



Our technicians install a speaker, and camera-equipped doorbell. These, as well as your cameras, are configured to integrate with our state-of-the-art system.



Streaming continuous live footage from your property, our remote guards watch out for threats and suspicious activity.



You can relax, knowing that if anything goes wrong, our team will intervene and swiftly deal with it.

Ensure peace of mind with a reliable, proactive security plan.