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Does your residential property need
proactive 24/7 LIVE video surveillance?

Secure All Entry Points, Protect Your Tenants, and Monitor Your Entire Property With Virtual Security & Access Control

Manage deliveries, welcome approved visitors, and ensure the safety and livelihood of your residents.



According to the National Crime Prevention Council apartment buildings and condos are

85% more likely to be burglarized

than single family homes.

That's a very troubling statistic. And as landlord or property manager of an apartment complex, condo building, or high-rise residential with a duty to maintain a safe and secure environment for your tenants, it's cause for concern.

As such, implementing consistent, reliable, and effective security measures throughout your entire property is one of your top priorities...

But deploying the right security solution for your residential property is easier said than done...

Sheer perimeter size, numerous entrance and exit points, high volumes of people coming and going at all hours of the day, and the fact that they’re usually situated in public places make multi-family residential properties notoriously difficult to secure.

On any given day, some of the major security challenges you have to deal with include:

Screening and providing access to tenants, guests, or essential personnel, while simultaneously preventing intruders from tailgating.

Securing common areas like lounges, elevators and staircases, rooftops, fitness and pool areas, and other shared amenities that inevitably draw unwanted activity afterhours.

Handling non-stop food and package deliveries that raise the potential for security breaches seeing as practical strangers have to enter and roam the building.

Watching over lonely garages and parking lots full of expensive vehicles that are practically magnets for vandals and thieves.

Monitoring package and mail rooms or other storage spaces that, left unattended and without proper access control, quickly turn into hotspots for theft.

Warding off suspicious individuals lurking on the premises, putting residents on edge and distracting your personnel from their assigned tasks.

To that effect, residential properties require security solutions that prevent everything from loitering, trespassing, and vandalism, to more concerning matters such as tailgating, break-ins, burglaries, and violent crimes...

But beware these common pitfalls...

Hiring doormen or on-site security might seem like an obvious solution. But the downsides outweigh the good: “idle” 50-80% of the time, can’t monitor every single entry point, prone to fatigue or human error, and cost a fortune.

Video cameras without proactive detection and deterrance are no better at securing your property. You might record evidence of theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity, but cameras alone do nothing to stop security breaches.


Affordable, Effective, On Watch 24/7

Monitex Virtual Security
& Access Control

Monitex Virtual Security & Access Control

With the latest in cutting-edge security camera surveillance technology deployed throughout the entire property, Monitex Virtual Security & Access Control protects your community from

  • loiterers and trespassers
  • vandalism and break-ins
  • mail and package theft
  • organized criminal activity
  • accidents and liabilities

Highly trained surveillance professionals monitor every entry and exit point of your facility and manage access control, round-the-clock.

Virtual Guards closely monitor the various LIVE security camera feeds coming from all areas of your building and the surrounding premises.

We’re able to detect suspicious activity and carefully assess for potential threats before they become a problem.

In the event of attempted trespassing, vandalism, or theft, virtual guards intervene through audio deterrence security measures. This deters 97% of intruders.

Should an emergency unfold, we immediately dispatch and assist law enforcement and first responders to end ongoing situations and minimize damage or loss.

  • Detect suspicious activity and carefully assess for potential threats
  • Intervene with audio deterrence security measures in case of threats
  • Dispatch and assist law enforcement and first responders to end ongoing situations

Access Control Intercom Systems mounted at critical entry points in and around your building allow us to operate as your Virtual Doormen.

We visually monitor every entrance/exit in real-time through LIVE security feeds and remotely unlock doors for verified residents, guests and staff while keeping intruders out.

Our state-of-the-art door intercoms feature a camera and two-way audio communication functionality to screen visitors and manage deliveries.

By installing intercom systems outside your mail and package rooms we eliminate unauthorized access and put an end to mail and package theft.

  • Monitor LIVE video feeds and remotely manage access of all entrance/exits
  • Screen approved visitors and delivery courier with security intercom systems
  • Surveillance and access management of mail and package rooms to stop theft

Increase the value of your property and ensure the safety and livelihood of your tenants.


Our security solutions provide a range of benefits:

Screen Visitors - Authorize access only to approved visitors or other non-residents. Know exactly who enters and leaves your property.

Package Room Monitoring - Closely monitor and control access to mail and package rooms. Put a stop to mail and package theft once and for all.

Peace of Mind for Your Residents - Whether it’s single renters, parents with young children, or seniors, your tenants feel safer and happier with proper security in place.

Manage Deliveries - Verify that delivery people are who they say they are. Keep out anyone who doesn’t have any business in your building.

Create A Safer Community - Enforce community guidelines to deter unwanted activity. Hold tenants accountable for unacceptable behavior.

Property Selling Point - Prospective tenants value safety over affordability. Secure properties are more desirable places to live and attract higher quality tenants.

Cost Efficiency + ROI - Monitex surveillance and access control reduces your security costs up to 60-70% and helps you make the case for charging a premium for rent.


Contact us to get started
with a 14-Day FREE Trial.

Contact us to get started with a 14-Day FREE Trial.

We’ll discuss your unique security requirements and craft a tailor-made surveillance and access control solution suited to your individual needs, property layout, community, and any other special requirements.